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Hi, I’m Nora

My grandmother instilled in me a deep love for flowers, which has since become a passion that I carry with me in all aspects of my life. Her home was always filled with beautiful flowers, which exuded joy and warmth that made every room feel like home. We’d pick flowers together, along with my mom, and I’d watch her thoughtfully curate floral arrangements at her sink. My earliest memories are filled with the soft fragrance of freshly cut Sweet Peas and the sight of Stargazer Lilies adorning the dinner table. 

I always said, "when I am old, I want to own a flower shop.” But I didn’t want to wait to live out this dream, and I’m eternally grateful I went for it. To me, there's nothing more fulfilling than the moment when I present a beautiful bouquet or arrangement to a client and see their face light up. 

I believe that in this world, we need more joy and beauty, and I am honored to contribute to that by bringing happiness and delight to people's lives, one exquisite bloom at a time.

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Our values 

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When possible, we strive to source our blooms from our own backyard and local Vermont women-owned businesses. 

Supporting women-owned 

Sourcing locally supports our sustainability efforts of floristry by reducing waste and carbon emissions from shipping. 

Practicing sustainability 

We firmly believe love is love, and are overjoyed to craft beautiful blooms for all couples.

Celebrating ALL love 

Our blooms are


We feature flowers in a loose, organic style, with natural curves and flowing lines, that incorporate a mix of colors and textures. Our designs have a relaxed, romantic feel that creates the perfect mix of lush and airy to give an intentionally effortless look.

Maine, it’s where my heart is, and will probably always be. It’s a state that makes me feel completely at ease, and always leaves me feeling rejuvenated and full of inspiration. Though based primarily in Vermont, I also love designing florals for weddings in and around Acadia National Park, and eventually want to carve out one to two months a summer for these weddings exclusively. 


What Fills Me

My husband and our pup, Oakley. While Oakley holds down the studio, Pete will often be alongside me, setting up and breaking down our floral designs at your wedding or event.


My Loves 

I draw my inspiration from the organic beauty of nature, immersing myself in gardens and allowing the blooms to speak for themselves. Through my playful and whimsical style, I aim to let each flower shine in its own unique way. There is a pure and unmatched beauty in each bloom, and I am driven by the desire to showcase it in all its glory.


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